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The RIANT Group was established in 2005 after acquiring maturity and 10 years experiences on various electro mechanical automation fields. Today we manufacture & Trade wide variety of products and offer services and products to a various field.

Technical knowhow and ability of understanding needs of the product end use help us to keep our customer happy and associated with us for long time.

A well-established infrastructure, with bases in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh at present, enables us to give the best quality products and services to our clients.

Our experience in various industries enables us to design the best products for our clients. Technical aptitude in various fields like mechanical aspects of machine design, Optics etc. as well as sound knowledge of Electronics, enables us to design effective, reliable and precise system solution.

In those years of working we are Bangladesh partner for Lenze, KEB, LINKK Busway system, Marathon India.

In the field of industrial automation, the name of our company comes first around.

Our vision:

For over 12 Years, RIANT Group has been dedicated to making the best world through diverse life style that today spread advance technology in industries with automation  and maintain comfortable living standard with innovative decor in construction.

Through reliable products & services, skilled manpower, responsible approach in business environment and collaboration with our customers & partners RIANT Group desired to stand in apex position.

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